Kitaki Ventures is devised for the mavericks, the revolutionaries, the visionaries building sensational companies with niche technology play 


An early-stage venture capital fund that aims at exit driven investment strategies. It focuses on deriving returns by creating a predefined roadmap of an exit for portfolio companies, giving us an edge in safeguarding our capital and yielding positive returns.


We are completely sector agnostic in terms of evaluating new deals and understanding market sentiments and their flow.
However, we do prefer market segments such as ToughTech, AgTech, HealthTech, CyberTech, and AI/ML-Led software products.

To bring the brainstorm to action, we have curated a core team with a complimenting skill-set that leads us in identifying high potential ventures with a clear exit strategy.

Operating at a Pre-series A, Series A & Series A+ stage, the ecosystem has a healthy deal flow pipeline and opportunities.

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